Flexibles Flimmern Hamburg

Image by Sebastiana Turra

Flexibles Flimmern – The mobile movie theater

The founder of Flexibles Flimmern had a really wonderful idea – to transform random places all over the city into a mobile cinema to show great movies. Instead of presenting the movies in a normal theater, he uses anything suitable – churches, museums, libraries or also casinos or bunkers. Flexibles Flimmern always matches the theme of the movie with the location (for example: The Godfather in an abandoned warehouse or Ocean’s Eleven in a casino). By showing the movies in such an untypical location, it makes the entire event more mystical, special and intense. Plus, in case you’re hungry, you can enjoy great food and drinks which match the theme of the movie as well.

Flexibles Flimmern really creates an incredible atmosphere which makes you experience the movie with all your senses. Moreover, you will discover very special, unknown and untypical places all over the city.

I have to add that a lot of the movies are in German, some however are in their original language with subtitles and many are famous classics – so even if you’re a non German speaker, you can still enjoy the entire atmosphere. The event doesn’t take place on a regular date, so just check out their website to see if something is coming up during your stay or sign up for their newsletter.

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Marktstraße 57, Hamburg

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Open depending on screening


Entrance fee: € 10


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