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Image by Katarzyna Hausner

GMT – Feast like a Georgian

Hidden amongst blocks of flats, just about half an hour walk from the main square, there is a place called GMT Georgian Wine&Art Gallery. Why “art gallery?” “GMT” was created by a Georgian art company ‘O’Lile’ to showcase a truly Georgian approach to wining and dining – to experience it as one experiences art. And boy, do they come through on that promise.

Every little detail of this place contributes to a nearly transcendent event. Starting with the surroundings, which make ‘Secret garden’ come to mind, with flowers, trees, tall grass, and beautiful little gazebos all around… I swear, it’s like you’re not even in a city anymore – the greenery is noise-canceling.

Then the main event – wine. GMT offers a wide selection, but if you had to try one I would recommend getting your hands on one of the dry amber kvervi wines (aka orange wines). It’s typical for Georgia and it owes its color to a particular way of fermenting it with the skins, seeds, and stalks in a clay vessel called ‘kvervi’, which is buried below ground.

Pair it up with some Georgian classics such as a Khachapuri Adjaruli or a heavenly Mutabali (eggplant, tahini, pomegranate, and coriander – it’s the bomb) and you are in for a real treat.

And don’t forget to pop in for the Khinkali Thursday!

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Khachapuri : PLN 28

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