Kopiec Kraka Krakow

Image by Greg Ryzio

Kopiec Kraka – Pagan burial mound with a view

Krakow’s history goes way back pre-966 when Poland adopted Christianity, back to Pagan times and there are still remnants of this throughout the city. A few of the most significant and visible remains are the mounds that appear throughout the city. Although a number of them have only appeared in the last few centuries to commemorate fallen heroes there are those that originate from this early period when Krakow was ruled by Pagan rulers.

One of these such sites is an ancient burial mound thought to be the resting place of Krakow’s founder. Despite its location across the river in the Podgorze district of town, it was significant enough throughout Krakow’s history to be visible from the Senator Room in Wawel Castle.

I used to live near this location and would frequent it quite often on weekends or in my free time, the reason for my visits wasn’t the historic significance of this spot but the panoramic views and best of all unlike the other mounds this was is free of charge to visit!

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Kopiec kraka, Krakow

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