Rzeczy Same Krakow

Image by Katarzyna Hausner

Rzeczy Same – Polish design kingdom

If you are an interior design junkie like me, make sure you add ‘Rzeczy Same’ store to your itinerary, when visiting Krakow. They have everything your heart desires, from furniture to ceramics, jewelry, and even cosmetics. The key is, that everything is designed and produced here in Poland.

Amongst my personal favorites, there are the no-ear mugs by ‘Mamsam’, inspired by a classic 1960s design, which started out as… hotel table wear. Mamsam works with some of the best graphic designers out there to add their own spin on it. The mugs make references to places, events, things we love, things we hate and sometimes comment on a current social situation.

However, above all, pay special attention to the posters section. Polish poster art is quite unique and, dare I say, iconic. Movie enthusiasts might appreciate old-school film posters that are nothing like the generic Hollywood ones you may be used to. At Rzeczy Same you can get your hands on Ryszard Kaja’s famous ‘Polska’ poster series. If you took a liking to our country, this is a magnificent idea for a souvenir. They have a vintage look about them, some are symbolic, some are an inside joke, and if you hang around Polish houses, you’ll notice that Kaja decorates locals’ walls too!

It’s good for the soul to surround yourself with beautiful things. It’s also good to express yourself, and I find that every time I come to Rzeczy Same I get inspired to do just that.

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