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Szpeje – Vintage treasures

Szpeje is a colloquial term for lumber, stuff, or junk. And this is precisely what you can find there. The store collects little treasures from the PRL-era (Poland under the communist regime period). Szpeje was created to give a chance to the old, in a world where there is way too much stuff, as the owners say themselves. Quite rightly so, they underline that modern mass production will never match the quality and uniqueness of some vintage items.

If you are lucky, you will bump into one of the owners – Naczelny Sklepikarz (The Chief Shopkeeper) – as he calls himself. However, if you are not in luck, and you speak a little bit of Polish (or are ok with Youtube’s automatic translations), you can check out the Shopkeeper’s Youtube channel, where he shares videos about his proudest finds, as well as useful tips on how to hunt down your very own vintage gems at any given flea market.

In the shop, you can get anything from cufflinks to lamps, vinyl records, and posters. Every vintage item has been hunted down personally by The Chief Shopkeeper at flea markets, sometimes online or directly from previous owners. Every one of these treasures has its history, so do not hesitate to ask about it!

If you need some smaller bits and bops – head into their store in the Jewish district on Józefa Street. The furniture is displayed at their other location in Muzeum PRLu (Museum of PRL) at Osiedle Centrum 1 E.

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