A Tribute by the Wall Lisbon

Image by Alexandre Cotovio

A Tribute by the Wall – Photos by Camilla Watson

Camilla is a friend of mine who came to Lisbon several years ago, after an experience in Brazil. In part for the language, in part because of her curiosity, she decided to try out Lisbon and it ended up making her stay. She has a studio and workplace at Largo dos Trigueiros 16A, in Mouraria.

Camila is an unconventional photographer; her motivation is to create street photo galleries, offering her work to however passes by or comes to visit. Her ultimate goal is to honor the ones portrayed in her works. The originality of her work consists of large format imprints on the walls of buildings or on large wood boards later attached to old building walls as if they were art galleries. A technique created by herself.

“I wanted to honor the elder ones living nearby – my neighbors” she says. I pass by this exhibition every day on Beco das Farinhas, next to her atelier, and it always makes me look at the photos; as a time frame to the past.

The second spot is another homage, this time to Fado; a tribute made of large scale photos lined up in Rua do Capelão (a nearby street about 400m away) and also scattered around the neighborhood. A time frame of the past and present “fadistas” (fado singers) made of gathered old photos and new ones.

I love the way the photos catch my attention and make me wonder about the story behind it… And the collection grows every day.

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Beco das Farinha, Lisbon

Opening Times

24 hours daily




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