Aquele Lugar Que Não Existe Lisbon

Image by Sandra Lopes

Aquele Lugar Que Não Existe – Home :)

It seems the biggest nonsense, but this is the name of my favourite restaurant in Lisbon to this day. In English it means ‘the spot that exists now’!

The name is unforgettable and their concept is the most comfortable and tech-free ever.

This restaurant does not have a Facebook or Instagram page, there are no signs on the door announcing that the restaurant is there, and there are even fewer references to this spot on the Internet than usual.

For the owners of the spot, the idea was to bring to their restaurant just their closest friends and their families, trying to create a space not as commercial as normal and to keep it as secret as possible.

We cannot take photos inside (the exception is the birthday parties, where they do allow them, and even so with restrictions) and they ask us not to use the phones during the meal.

In fact, the food will keep our mind (and mouth) far enough from the phone or the internet, because you will find at lunch time a wonderful buffet of pizzas and Indian food and at dinner a wide range of options (there is no buffet at dinner time) that will make you want to go there more and more.

For me, it is the perfect spot to go with your sweetheart on a very special date or to tell your goodbye to Lisbon.

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Details about this spot



Rua do Açúcar 89, Lisbon

Telephone number


Opening Times

11:30 - 16:00 & 19:30 - 00:00 daily


Beer: € 2
Last Changed Date: 2016-05-19 11:45:13 +0200 (Thu, 19 May 2016)