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Alexandre Cotovio (1975)

About me
I’ve been a Lisbon resident (“alfacinha” as the Lisbon inhabitants are often called) since 1993; I first came to this beautiful city to finish my studies and ended up finding a job, a house and a neighborhood where I feel at home.

I live with my girlfriend Fatinha; I’m an origami enthusiast and a board game addict. I consider myself a romantic in love with things from other times; things like film photography, vinyl discs or the first gaming consoles immediately make me smile.

I see myself as a friendly person. I’m unpretentious and open minded and love get to know new people from other places mostly because I love to know things from where they’re from. And I love to share my own stories, my neighborhood history and any Portuguese curiosities that visitors might find interesting. I always feel enthusiastic when talking about Portugal because of its history, its beautiful places, the kindness of its people or the amazing food we have.

Why Lisbon?
I live in São Cristóvão, Mouraria; one of the first traditional ancient neighborhoods of Lisbon; it’s like living in a little village inside the city and that’s maybe one of the reasons why I love Lisbon so much. Because it still has all its history, buildings and the people are genuine to their roots.

I was born in Tomar, a city 115 km from Lisbon, and spent my childhood in a little village 10 km from Tomar. When I came to Lisbon at the age of 18 to go to college I ended up living with a friend in São Cristovão. Once again finding myself in a little village but in the centre of the Portuguese capital city.

And that’s what I love the most about Lisbon: its authenticity in the buildings, narrow streets and stairs, its food and its people. And this is Lisbon all the way, a beautiful, several hundred year old puzzle made of old neighborhoods.

Where can you find me online?

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