Chão do Loureiro Lisbon

Image by Alexandre Cotovio

Chão do Loureiro – Parking silo graffiti gallery

Maybe known to the most alert graffiti fans, this one you can only spot if you step inside…

Once a local market similar to others from old times, this current parking silo has converted and adapted the old building to a new purpose, giving it a new life. In many neighbourhoods as the one where Chão do Loureiro is located, parking is a challenging task for your patience and for your driving skills. So this was a welcome project to many. But it goes beyond that immediate useful purpose.

It’s also an art gallery for you to explore for free. And it gathers some of the most recognized Portuguese graffiti artists’ works. On every one of the 5 floors of the parking structure, several colourful works adorn the naked walls. Different artists with different work styles that will delight everyone.

For those of you into the graffiti scene, the artists’ names might be familiar: Gonçalo Mar, Miguel Januário, Paulo Arraiano and Nomen are among the most respected Portuguese graffiti artists to participate in this project.

This building also offers a panoramic elevator and a terrace with a view of Lisbon’s rooftops.

All this and the fact that you can find it on your way to visit the São Jorge’s Castle makes it a mandatory spot to check out.

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Calçada do Marquês de Tancos, Lisbon

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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