Bairro de Alvalade Lisbon

Image by Nuno Lopes de Paula

Bairro de Alvalade – The rich and the punks

I’ve lived in this quarter for 20 years, surprisingly, it hasn’t changed much. Besides the aggressive car parking, the quarter remains a hidden oasis with large sidewalks, gardens and magnificent avenues. It’s still my favorite place to live. Here, everyone has their own small garden and friendly neighbors still talk to each other. I’ve had the same friends since high school.

Alvalade quarter was planned 70 years ago, and even nowadays it’s surprising that this urban example is not more valued in other new cities. It’s an ideal form of urbanism with small three-floor buildings – all yellow or pink – with simple, functional architecture. 

Alvalade is still a good and peaceful place to live. There are old pubs like Grog (check the Grog article), and small shops open ever since I can remember. Here, the Portuguese punk movement has also started, giving birth to bands as Censurados. The quarter blends aristocrats with poor families and is a good example of a place with no social tensions.

The Mercado de Alvalade is a good place to start the day, head to Avenida da Igreja for some shopping or stroll along the main streets. Try Café Tintin at Roma avenue. This avenue is also a good place for a long walk and if you’re starving, go straight to the original Frutalmeidas small grocery for the best “Pastéis de Massa Tenra”. For a chill-out place, check Esplanada da Mata.

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