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Palavra de Viajante bookstore – Fictional trips

I have always wondered why would I write about a travel bookstore for Lisbon visitors, assuming they already have tourist guides about Lisbon. And then the answer just hit me: Exactly!!! This is the perfect place to prepare for your next trip anywhere in the world, when you are in Lisbon!

This place is fantastic for a travel addict like me. A “library” where I can spend hours, considering they have every touristic title for every existent destination. If they don’t, surely they can get it. Not just touristic guides, but wisely they sell books that tell stories about places, romances or memories. And all the weird stuff related to tourist and destinations will be found there as well. Crumple maps, walk cards, city games, city notebooks and I could go on with the list.

Most importantly, it’s a perfect place to mould your next trip, along with the pleasant help from the bookstore owner, which has always a nice story or a nice tip to help you.

And because where there is a book there is always a coffee, the bookstore houses also a pleasant cafe, which serves coffees and cakes, and also lunch everyday. The food is normally related with the destination of the week.

The store is located right in front of one of Fernando Pessoa’s apartments. Was he alive I definitely would meet him there a lot!

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Rua de São Bento 34, Lisbon

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Tue - Sat 10:00 - 14:00 & 15:00 - 19:00


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