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Mankica Kranjec (1985)

About me
I like the smell of blossoming cherry trees. I like to watch flying paper dragons. I love summer nights. I enjoy driving with my PiKolo bicycle through the vibrant city of my hometown Ljubljana. I like to listen to street musicians. I enjoy summer street festivals. I used to collect paper napkins. Today I collect memories.

I like strawberries. I like to get a bunch of beautiful flowers. I adore people with beautiful smiles. I like to listen to music through my purple headphones, dance barefoot and enjoy late night talks. I fell in love with cute boys. I love to drink ginger tea. My favorite quote is: ”We are still dancing on the very edge of the world.” People say I’m an eternal optimist. I love the magic of the circus and I like to dance the night away.

I like to ride with tuk tuk in the crazy streets of Bangkok, smell chilli at the local Hong Kong food market or check out what’s new on the menu of my favorite coffee place in Berlin. My favorite movie director is Roberto Benigni. I love the magical moments with my friends and enjoy being spontaneous. I love the artwork of Andy Warhol, believe in fairies and like graffiti walls.

Why Ljubljana?
Simply because it’s absolutely charming. Ljubljana is a place where you can call people by name and say hello to those who pass you by on the local food and flower market on a Saturday morning. It is just a small city but so lively and colorful. With lots of friendly café’s, small galleries, unique shops with Slovenian design products, graffiti and street art walls, green parks and nice people.

Ljubljana is a deluxe spot is in the middle of Slovenia and therefore a great starting point to make a trip to the seaside, mountains, visiting landscapes or even nearby countries. Ljubljana definitely hides lots of wonderful places to return again and again – even if you’re local!

Where can you find me online?
My official website: Mankica
Official website of Rozinka brand (which I own) for unique and handmade products I make with my mom: Rozinka
My professional LinkedIn website.

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