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Mankica from Ljubljana

I like to watch flying paper dragons. Ljubljana is a deluxe spot is in the middl...

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Being a traveller the best way to discover local culture is to taste local food at restaurants recommended by Ljubljana Spotters, of course! But if you would really like to experience the best of Slovenian cuisine I’m sure there isn’t a better way than taking a food walk with the Ljubljananjam team.

Walks that are personal and intimate are organized by world traveller, journalist and gourmet Iva Gruden. She is like an open encyclopedia of the best restaurants, bars and cafés in town. I often like to ask her where to go for a lunch or dinner. As a Ljubljana native the culinary guide tries to keep away from tourist traps and takes her guests to places where we, the locals dine.

It’s possible to choose between four different walks – Ljubljana Essentials, Fino Vino, Craft Beer Extravaganza and my favorite Keen on caffeine. I’m keen on sweets, so tasting the 4 best desserts on the last listed tour is definitely my choice! You need to try persimmon-pistachio pie. Love it!

At Ljubljananjam events I learned about the best traditional and contemporary Ljubljana cuisine, beer and wine. Eating good food, meeting like minded food enthusiasts and chefs in person are the highlights of the tour. Iva, whose mantra is “local – fresh – seasonal – mostly organic”, promises she will give all the necessary how-to-survive-in-the city culinary tips and she did! I got plenty of useful advice from her! Groups are small, so you’ll need to book the event at least a day in advance.

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Mankica from Ljubljana

Mankica Kranjec photo

I like to watch flying paper dragons. Ljubljana is a deluxe spot is in the middl...

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