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What makes me happy? – Writing postcards

I know it is much easier to write an email or text message to your friends and family to say hello. Well, at least I usually do that. But whenever I have some spare time on my travels, I try to find some nice, unusual and personalized postcards to send them to my loved ones. I know it is possible to find different postcards on every corner of Ljubljana but I’ve got a nice tip for you if you want to send something special from here. They are called “Kaj me osreči?” postcards. You can find them at Info Škuc as well as other L’mit organization members.

L’mit organisation which collects imaginative, charming and unusual responses of young people to the question ‘What makes you happy?’, prints out postcards every year and offers them for free. What I like the most about the postcards is that they are always colorful and they contain nice drawings. Although they are written in Slovene, I am sure some locals will be happy to translate a few sentences for you.

I’ve just written a few postcards recently just to make friends happy and I must say they are absolutely great. Are you wondering which is my favorite postcard answer to the “What makes me happy?” question this year? “People with smiles on their faces – because smiling is contagious”; “A swing – because you get the feeling you will touch the sky.” and “A mirror – because I can smile to myself”.

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