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Kamla Pillay (1991)

About me
I’m a Londoner born and (almost) bred!

I moved back here after studying for six years in Manchester and am currently working as a junior doctor in the NHS.

When not working, I love seeing live music – anything from jazz, afrobeat, latin or electro – and eating delicious food.

I’m also a certified sun-seeker and escape the rain whenever I get an opportunity, particularly if it means I get to practice my Spanish at the same time.

Why London
London really does have it all – beautiful parks, world-class food and great nightlife – all while retaining a sense of the community.

When I moved back here from Manchester one thing that struck me was the huge diversity. It is, after all, the most multicultural city in the world, which means it is a melting point of languages, food and tradition, which makes it a unique and, all in all, a pretty glorious place to live.

Where else can you find me online?

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