405 and 10 Intersection Los Angeles

Image by Elizabeth Militello

405 and 10 Intersection – Experience road rage!

In Los Angeles, the traffic struggle is real! Tourists and locals alike have most likely passed this interchange tens of times within the timespan of a week. If you have, then congratulations, because you have passed through an intersection consistently ranked as one of the busiest in America! Why is it so busy? The most exciting places of interest are located along these two freeways.

The 405 will get you to the Getty Museum, Beverly Hills, LAX and the South Bay beach cities. The 10 freeway spans the city from east to west, taking you everywhere from downtown to see a Laker game, to Hollywood and all the way to the beach. When you are on the interchange ramps, the elevation will also give you views of downtown, and even the snow-capped mountains in the distance!  Turn your road rage into a fun and exciting touristy drive, as you can see the Hollywood sign just before you approach this busy intersection. It’s so famous, it even has a Facebook page! To experience traffic is to be a true “Angelino”!

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I-10, Los Angeles

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