Singing Beach Chairs Los Angeles

Image by Kristina Nikols

Singing Beach Chairs – Lalalalalalala

I don’t know how many times I walked by the two extremely large pastel chairs that sit south of Santa Monica Pier. I often wondered, “Why are they there?,” and, “I want to climb up and sit on them!” They just look like a whole lot of fun.

Recently, I finally ventured over to take a closer look at the chairs. It was a cold, windy day and as I sat there I discovered I could hear sounds coming from the large aluminum pipes that extend up from the back of the steel chairs! It was such a fun surprise!

The Singing Beach Chairs were constructed in 1987 as public art by San Francisco Artist, Doug Hollis. At the time he called them “wind harp beach chairs.”

The chairs are large enough to fit two people and the aluminum pipes run 18-feet high sending music out up to 500 feet.

Feel like a tiny tike climbing up these big, fun pieces of art and take a look yourself! They are located next to the Santa Monica Rings (see Santa Monica Rings article), just left of the pier if you’re facing the ocean.

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