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About me
I’m Aurélie, a very curious person and passionate about discovering new places, stories and ideas.

I grew up in a small village in Luxembourg, then studied in France before I went to Switzerland for work and finally came back to Luxembourg in 2011, when I re-discovered the city from another angle.

Some of my best friends live abroad and I try to go and visit them as soon as I have some time, but I love it even more when they come to see me in Luxembourg and I have the chance to share my favourite places with them.

I love to eat, and in Luxembourg there are a lot of good restaurants :). I also like sports. I recently got my diploma as a Nordic Walking trainer and plan to organize Nordic walking tours through the city.

My 3 lovely kids (20 months-4 years) have kept me busy during the last few years, but now, as they are beginning to get “easier”, I have enough time for my hobby as a Spotter.

I’m really excited to help you discover new special spots in Luxembourg city!

Why I love Luxembourg City?
After living abroad for studies and work for several years, I came back to live in Luxembourg city in 2011, and discovered the city from a new angle. It’s small but diverse and open-minded.

I love the city because it is still a very green city with a lot of parks in every district and trees even in the city centre. It is small compared to other European capitals, but it is a very international city, with more than 70% of the people’s population being foreigners. This explains why we have such an important and diversified offer in restaurants, culture and art.

People from Luxembourg, even if they appear shy at first, are very welcoming. So don’t just wait – come and visit our amazing city!

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