Lakrits Roten Malmö

Image by Sharon Bowker

Lakrits Roten – A liquorice lover’s paradise

I need to admit right up front that I, personally, am not all that crazy about liquorice. But if there was ever a place that could convert me, it would be Lakrits Roten in central Malmö, which cleverly invites visitors to “the dark side.”

Because my Swedish wife is crazy for the stuff and to my great surprise, so are several members of my American family, Lakrits Roten (translation: “liquorice root”) is a regular stop for me. The shop on Södra Förstandsgatan, the city’s main pedestrian walking street, is one of a small, family-owned chain of “experience” stores that pride themselves in sharing knowledge, craftsmanship and inspiration around Sweden’s favourite sweet (or salty!) treat. 

Entering Lakrits Roten is a feast for the senses with every imaginable kind of liquorice on offer. The store boasts 700 different liquorice-related items, not just sweets but also baking ingredients and even health and beauty products incorporating the famous root as an ingredient. The staff is not just expert and friendly, but also passionate about their products and always ready with samples to tickle your taste buds or introduce you to something new. 

If you’re in town at the right time, you can reserve a seat at one of their twice-monthly liquorice tastings, where the liquorice root is offered up in a variety of food preparations, often in unusual flavour combinations. Tasters also learn how and where the liquorice root grows and the history of its use. The “dark side” definitely awaits!

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