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Ön – Nice walk and view of bridge

When I feel like a nice walk while enjoying a fresh sea breeze, I go to Ön in the part of Malmö called Limhamn.

Ask any resident of Limhamn and they’ll probably be quick to claim that Limhamn is still its separate own city, but in fact Limhamn was swallowed up by Malmö’s expanding city lines as far back as 1915.

Despite the Swedish word ‘ön’ meaning island, Ön is actually is a man-made peninsula connected to the mainland by a road.  

I think the footpath stretching around most of Ön offers the best undisturbed view of the Öresund Bridge (which came to fame through the well-known Scandinavian TV series called ‘Bron’).

Unlike other good views of the bridge, the view from Ön is easily accessible for visitors to Malmö who do not have a car. Taking the green city bus number 7 from either of the main bus hubs called Triangeln or Malmö central station will take you directly to the stop called ‘Malmö Ön’ in less than 26 minutes.

When I go, I usually park my car at the end of the street called Övägen and then take the path around the peninsula counter-clockwise parallel along the street called Lotsgatan until the ‘View Point’ (see the pinpointed location on the map).

Be sure to bring your camera in order to snap a great picture, and depending on the season, take some earmuffs or a scarf too, and a thermos with coffee or tea.

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Lotsgatan 37D, Malmö

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24 hours daily


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