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Parkrun – Your weekly dose of 5k

This is not just Malmö specific – there are about 97 of those events every week around the world, so when it started here, it got me going.

The idea is that people get together every Saturday morning at 9:30 and they run 5k. It’s all organized thanks to a group of volunteers. The route is marked and the run is timed. Once you have signed up online, for free, you get a barcode and that gets scanned every time you run, so you can follow your progress. The good thing is that you don’t have to be fast. Everybody is welcome, joggers and walkers too — I even went with our puppy. So you can enjoy a nice active Saturday morning.

They have also picked one of the best places to run in Malmö, along the beach called Ribban. I must admit I don’t always manage to get up early enough on Saturday mornings, but when I do it’s always great. If we have time, we sometimes go to a café nearby for a fika (Swedish for a sweat break) or a dip in the sea – even during the winter months!

In any case, parkrun is a thing around the world so you can check it out in any city you’re in and enjoy the sweat.

Malmö parkrun has been suspended due to Covid-19, but people, including me, still use the route to check on training progress 🙂

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