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Image by Karolina Gorska

Science Fiction Bokhandeln – My personal geek is on

There is a place in Malmo where no matter what tickles your fancy – be it fantasy, anime, manga, pure sci-fi or RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons – you will find it. It’s Science Fiction Bokhandeln, my favourite bookstore. The first time I was there, I think an hour went past somehow without me noticing and it’s like that every single time I visit. I’m sure it must be located in a different dimension where time has no meaning.

Apart from books, you will find there magazines, DVDs, games (board and computer) and gadgets, tonnes of gadgets. Mugs, action figures, coasters, pins and of course magic wands. I have forbidden myself to go there with a wallet as it is a minefield for me. I did not realize I was a geek until I saw it all in one place.

On my birthday present list that I will soon hand out to my friends, there is a Tricorder, a Firefly diary, “The truth is still out there” mug and a Tardis beach towel. As I already have my Star Wars breakfast bowl, they don’t need to worry about that. And remember: it’s LeviOsa, not LeviosA!

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