Seved Malmö

Image by JohiKuproductions

Seved – Unexpected street art

One thing that I love about my city is its contrasts! The mix of old and new, different styles, shifting cityscapes – you’re constantly surprised by what you see – you turn around corner and suddenly your eyes land on a building or a feature that you would never have imagined.

It might be a cute little cottage-like house next to an apartment building, some kind of art installation, a building that looks like it’s about to fall apart whilst its garden is meticulously maintained, or colourful street art. 

Many people would describe Malmö as a creative city, a bit bohemian even, and maybe a bit eccentric. Malmö lives by its own set of rules and its contrasts never cease to surprise me.

At about 10 minutes walk from Södervärn you’ll find a neighbourhood called “Seved”, and here you can expect to see the unexpected! Many of the buildings boast beautiful pieces of colourful and masterfully made street art, a huge contrast against the concrete and the otherwise dull walls. Some of the artwork has been there since 2010 as parts of an organized art project.

This is a part of town that you probably won’t find mentioned in any ordinary city guide, but why not step out of the ordinary for a while and take a stroll through Seved to look at some amazing street art?! Remember to expect the unexpected and mind your step!

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Sevedsplan, Malmö

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