The Oresund Bridge Malmö

Image by Karolina Górska

The Oresund Bridge – Up close and personal

In a way, the Öresundsbron (the Oresund Bridge) is the reason why I moved to Malmö. First, I saw the show (if you haven’t – what is wrong with you???) and I thought this could be an interesting place to visit. Then I saw the bridge from the plane and, to my surprise, I saw it going underground just before it reached the shore of Denmark. It kind of looks like it’s diving into the strait – not something you imagine when thinking about a bridge.

Then of course I took the train over the bridge to visit Malmö and fell in love with the city. But I don’t think I fully appreciated the technical marvel until I got up close to the bridge. The best way to do that is either on foot or on a bike. From Sibbarp camping site you follow a path to an abandoned restaurant building where you have not just a viewing point but a little pier-like structure (it’s really just a mound going into the sea) so you can get a little bit closer and can get a nice pic from a different angle.

However, it doesn’t end there; you have to follow the path which takes you directly under the bridge – you can’t get any closer than that. And it just looks amazing, no matter what the weather is, be it sunny, rainy or foggy – it’s the Bridge. If you like industrial photography, you will have a field day.

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