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Maria Fernanda Garcia (1987)

About me
I was born in the USA (just like the Bruce Springsteen song) but I have lived in Mexico City since I can remember. I never learned how to ride a bicycle but I love to walk through the city. I work as a story editor for TV shows and movies. I love children’s books; I read and write about them. Last year I published a book called Los libros de niños no son para niños (Children’s books are not for children).

Why Mexico City
I love Mexico City because is the city of chance. Just like all big cities, anything can happen here. You can always find someone or something in the street. It’s so big that you feel that the possibilities are infinite and there’s always a person or place you can meet. It has the beauty of a monster and you have to figure it out.

Where else can you find me online?”

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