Momo Spot Mexico City

Image by Rafael Murrieta

Momo Spot – A place to feed your soul

Everybody is looking for something extraordinary, even when we don’t realize it’s just right in front of our noses. Because of our fast way of life (especially in big cities), many times we pass by people, opportunities, experiences that could change our lives radically in a better way, just by letting them come inside us.

At this place you will find one of this breathtaking moments that can happen during a normal day. Not able for ordinary people, sure, if you are reading this, you do not fit into this gray category; it’s made for the ones guided by their hearts, that can feel from which angle it is exactly that amazing things come to them.

La Bombilla park by itself has lots to offer; from history lessons at the Alvaro Obregón monument to green areas that encourages you to take a quick nap after a walk day around the area.

But near the fountain is where the magic begins. My tip to catch it is going around 16:21 with the season (winter) sun. Just the exact angle will reveal it, but don’t worry I am pretty sure you will know.

Getting there it’s a very simple thing, just get down on the La Bombilla station by metrobus red line (1). Also, I suggest you come walking from one or two metrobus stations away and get lost on this neighbor street –  who knows extraordinary things are shown to extraordinary people?

Enjoy. I hope it makes your day a bit better.

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Avenida de la Paz N/A, Chimalistac, Mexico City

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24 hours daily



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