Art Rukav Moscow

Image by Irina Rakhmanova

Art Rukav – Art and restaurant

The place “Art Rukav” (Rukav means a sleeve) is a big platform where the free spirit of art and creativity reigns. There are art workshops, a gallery and a restaurant under the same roof. “Rukav” was named after the surname of the Russian sculptor Alexander Rukavishnikov.

Immersion in the world of art begins from the very first entrance through the massive decorated door. In the cloakroom you get checks in the form of drops, bright red ladders harmonize with dark sofas… There is even a pipe-shaped slide! Every time I visit “Art Rukav” I am a little bit shocked to see so many items connected with art. It is not just restaurant or a workshop — it is a real separate world!

Most of all I enjoy the atmosphere of the cafe. This place is really unique and is dramatically different from usual places to eat. As I have been living in a big megapolis for all my life, I am difficult to surprise. However, “Art Rukav” and its original symbiosis of delicious cuisine and art has achieved just that!

During lunches (of course dishes are served in an unusual way) you will surely be attracted by the details in decorating: to the stylized ware, for example, or an unusual sculpture next to your chair.

I recommend this place for those who want to surprise themselves and to forget about the standard concepts of restaurants and cafes. 

During FIFA World Cup 2018 you can get 15% discount if you show your FAN ID.

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Details about this spot



Zemlyanoy Val Street, 59/2, Moscow

Telephone number


Opening Times

12:00 to last guest daily


"Napoleon" cake: RUB 500


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