Shabolovka Street Moscow

Image by Maria Selezneva

Shabolovka Street – Oasis of peace

Many Moscow streets have their special charm. That’s why you love to visit them again and again, going there for inspiration when you feel like you need it. For me, Shabolovka is one of those streets. Maybe it’s because of its atmosphere, or the fact it’s located in one of my favorite parts of Moscow, just a stone’s throw from Danilovsky Food Market. Anyway, it’s really a marvelous place to be, no matter if you go there for a nice stroll or to pass some time in one of the restaurants located there.

The street was formed in the 18th century out of the road leading to the Shabolovo village near Moscow. For a long time it was a street where time stood still, and Shabolovka residents had their vegetable gardens right there. That’s why it didn’t suffer much from the 1812 Fire of Moscow during Napoleon’s invasion. In the 19th century, stone buildings started being constructed there instead of wooden ones. In the 20th century, the street became a field for architectural experiments, so an avant-garde residential area was built there.

For me, the absolute icon of Shabolovka is the Shukhov Radio Tower. Technically, it’s located on another street but it definitely dominates the landscape. It was a symbol for constructivist architecture, and now, being fragile and corroded, it brings memories of past times. It’s the spirit of Shabolovka being a peaceful street in the very center of Moscow, so I believe you’ll feel it once you’re there!

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Shabolovka Street, Moscow

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