Kotofeynya Moscow

Image by Irina Rakhmanova

Kotofeynya – Сoffee, tea and cats

“Kotofeynya” is a time café, so its visitors only pay for the time spent in the cafe. It is possible to order as much coffee, tea and cookies as necessary. “Kotofeynya” is a name that speaks for itself. Its 20-25 cats are the café’s main source of entertainment. They all used to live in shelters or on the street, but now “work” in “Kotofeynya, where they feel as if they’re the real owners of the café.

When I first entered the room, some of the most curious pets had already run up to me. Frankly, I was shocked. There were too many cats in one place! It was very entertaining to watch them though, because all of them had different characters. They were timid, playful, tender and even a little bit indifferent. For example, the snow-white cat settled at my knees at once and demanded me to pet it. Other cats were peacefully sleeping near our table. And the most active cat tried to jump on our table to eat our cookies. In my opinion, cats are a real antidepressant. After an hour in “Kotofeynya”, our mood improved and our smiles did not disappear till the evening. What can be better than a cup of tea in the company of several cute cats?

By the way, the staff takes care of the hygiene in café. All cats are checked regularly by vets, food and tableware are kept in closed containers, and there is antiseptic on the tables to wash your hands.

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ul. Maroseyka, 10/1, Moscow

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Mon - Fri 11:00 - 22:00, Sat - Sun 10:00 - 22:00


1 min from: RUB 8


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