Zoological museum Moscow

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Zoological museum – Animal adventure

I like visiting Natural museums everywhere. In New York I examined dinosaurs and the Universe’s beginning, in Paris I was amazed by the grandiose installation in the grand hall and in Moscow I am thinking of Zoological museum as the place where the legendary “Seventeen Moments of Spring” Russian series – scene in Museum für Naturkunde – was shot.

I dropped by after a concert in the Conservatory as the Zoological museum was on my way to Biblioteka Lenina metro station. I was immediately engulfed by the specific museum aroma – uuff… Usually museums make me tired and hungry as a wolf instantly…unless they are interesting.

Moscow Zoological museum is very old (from the year 1791) and is located in a building from 1902. I was welcomed by an impressive massive mammoth skeleton (a very optimistic start).

I had only one hour for getting colorful emotions from many unexpected stuffed animals, birds, some in jelly substance on the shelves and their funny names on the boards. Almost all the objects were gathered in lively compositions so I was surrounded by “frozen” wildlife moments. There are so many sectors in the museum on its two floors – creatures in jars, insects (on the second floor), waterworld creatures, mammals and animals – that finally I realized that one hour is not enough.

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Big Nikitskaya, 6, Moscow

Opening Times

Tue - Sun 10:00 - 17:00


Adults: RUB 200


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