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Stefan Hermansdorfer (1979)

About me
I was born in a small village, about 40 kilometers away from Munich. At the age of 16 I began to visit Munich on the weekends, just for shopping or having a coffee. When I was 20 I started to work in an picture agency as a trainee, then I changed to an advertising agency as a picture researcher. After two years I went back to a picture agency specialised on the topics food and interior. There I started as an editor and wrote lots of small articles about interior image series.

I like travelling, cooking, eating, reading, writing, handicrafts work, playing the guitar, sports (swimming, surfing and boxing) and going out.

Why Munich?
Since the day I started to work in Munich, I fell in love with it. Fortunately my colleagues showed me a lot of interesting spots. I like the fact, that Munich for me, has something village-like, but in another dimension.

It’s just a one hour drive to go to the mountains or big lakes like Starnberger See. In Munich there is so much culture, very nice old buildings with character and there is a lot of tradition which the Bavarians are very proud of. But there are a lot of hidden pearls and black parties I want to show you. I hope I you share my enthusiasm!

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