Gasthaus Isarthor Munich

Image by Stefan Hermansdorfer

Gasthaus Isarthor – The last traditional isle

Bavarians are proud of their traditions and beer. And in the heart of Munich next to the Isartor you will find a place, where all is united. The “Isarthor” is one of the last traditional isles in Munich’s restaurant scene and it’s not very well known. Even I know people, who were born in Munich, who haven’t heard of this spot. But that’s good. It does not have the goal to spend much money for advertising to lure tourists into leaving their money at this restaurant. I think that’s the reason why you don’t find many tourists there. OK to be honest, how do I know what a tourist looks like? But what I know is, that not many tourists are able to speak the Bavarian dialect. And most of the guests do. Even that fact is not typical for Munich. But let’s get away from this etymological discourse.

My recommendation: don’t behave like a tourist (and please do not wear “Lederhosen”), get there, order some “Leberkas” (meatloaf), get a Augustiner (best beer in Munich) from a wooden keg and don’t dare to sit down at the “Stammtisch” (regulars’ table). Sorry, I have to say that: there are two things Bavarians don’t like. First: beer without foam. Second: sitting at the regulars’ table. Apart from that people from Munich are very friendly and hospitable.

My conclusion: every restaurant should have beer from wooden kegs.

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Details about this spot



Kanalstra├če 2, Munich

Telephone number


Opening Times

10:00 - 01:00 daily


Augustiner: ÔéČ 3.30


Last Changed Date: 2016-05-19 11:45:13 +0200 (Thu, 19 May 2016)