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Cara Jo from Philadelphia

Trying new and different foods is my vice.. Philadelphia is truly the city of ...

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A fixture on Philly’s famous South Street since 1968, the Eye’s Gallery, was created by Julia Zagar and her husband Isaiah. Famous for his tile and glass mosaic art throughout the architecture of Philadelphia, Isaiah brings a unique design element to this location. The Eye’s Gallery imparts feeling of arrival into an otherworldly place and time.

Brightly colored walls are covered by folk art from 15 different countries. Vintage items, gifts, toys, flags, statues, masks, and decorations flood the entire building.

Ageless clothing with classic and funky details fill racks near the front counter. In and surrounding the counter are jewelry cases packed with sterling silver and gemstone rings. Onward the mirrored stairway to the second floor is covered in tin cutouts of hearts and suns.

The second level has a room full of handmade instruments that are fun to play. This level is beautifully hand decorated by Isaiah Zagar, and I suggest walking toward the front of the building to peek up at the beautiful skylight.

Below the first floor, winding stairs lead down to the basement where stacks of imported tiles, ceramics, tableware, and so many other tidbits fill the space.

This is an exotic and inspirational shop that I can’t stop myself from popping into whenever I happen to be near by.

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Cara Jo from Philadelphia

Cara Jo Castellino photo

Trying new and different foods is my vice.. Philadelphia is truly the city of ...

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