Ishkabibbles Philadelphia

Image by Doug Daub

Ishkabibbles – The chicken steak

Another cheesesteak? Yes, but no! This one is different, sort of. Its got chicken instead of beef. I know what you’re thinking! If I’ve had a regular cheesesteak then why would I want to try this one. Hey, maybe you’re just in a chicken mood okay? Like me sometimes. 🙂

Ishkabibbles. Guzuntight! Ish-Ka-Bibble’s. Near Jim’s steaks on South street is a great little hole in the wall called Ishkabibble’s. It’s got the famous people on the wall and everything else like some of the other steak shops but this one only has 6 seats. 

Get in, order your chicken steak and eat it in if you can or if it’s like it normally is in there (squashed) grab your chicken steak and get out. Those little chicken squares with cheese and the roll make it a great little meal. Don’t be fooled; they fill you up! If you are lucky enough to grab a seat then enjoy watching the well oiled machine that is the kitchen. Careful: they come out piping hot! Oh yeah, grab a gremlin while you’re there.

P.S. Why they have a picture of NYC on their home page is beyond me…

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Details about this spot



337 South St, Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Telephone number


Opening Times

Sun - Thu 08:30 - 23:00, Fri - Sat 08:30 - 03:00


Steak: USD 8.25


Last Changed Date: 2016-05-19 11:45:13 +0200 (Thu, 19 May 2016)