Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia

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Rittenhouse Square – Best people watching

Learning the history of how the city of Philadelphia was planned out is a fascinating one. Philadelphia is laid out in a grid divided into four quadrants with each one having a square. Each square is different and offers a unique experience to each visitor. The most popular by far is Rittenhouse Square. It is the most active of all of the squares and offers the most to see and do on any particular day. Weekends of course are the most popular and spring through autumn just adds to the crowds. In the summer it can be hard to just find a patch of grass to relax on.

Rittenhouse Square is a good place to sit, people watch, and collect your thoughts. The square is always filled with musicians, dancers, or any other type of street entertainers vying for your last buck. It is also a good place to spread out a blanket and have a picnic while sharing a glass of wine with people you just met on the patch of grass next to you. They also have concerts, movie nights, and art festivals in the square from time to time, so you will never run out of entertainment. Every Saturday morning there is a farmers market on the sidewalk where you can get a local treat from one of the vendors and enjoy it on a park bench as the world comes to life around you.

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18th Street and Walnut Street, Philadelphia

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24 hours daily


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