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Ritz Theaters – Movie theater

When I first moved to Philadelphia, I noticed the lack of big blockbuster movie theaters and that was odd to me since everywhere else in America that is what you will find in cities. The only choices available inside the city was three small theaters called the Ritz and they are all within blocks of each other. The movies they show are all either documentaries, lower budget indie, or foreign films. Since that was all I had to choose from, that is where I went. Now the thought of going to one of those big blockbuster theaters leaves me wanting more substance.  

I have seen some of my most favorite movies in the Ritz theaters. What else I like about the Ritz is they get involved in the community. For instance, when the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival was in operation they would shut down two of their theaters and dedicate them to those movies. Every fall the Philadelphia Film Festival has their showings at the theaters as well. I have also been to private film openings there where the actors and/or directors show up for Q&A afterwards.  

The Ritz always has a great variety of movies and it is a great place to broaden your mind. I am so glad that is all that is available in downtown Philadelphia because before I moved here, I probably would have never gone.

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214 Walnut Street, Philadelphia

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12:00 - 22:00 daily


Movie ticket: USD 12


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