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Eliška Pelková

About me
I’m a sensitive and curious soul. I like to pay attention to the little things that create the soul of spaces. I find myself in the smell of clean clothes hanging over my head in the wind; the sun shining through the buildings; plants growing in the concrete cracks; the smell of pastries and coffee leading to a hidden café never noticed before.

You can find me in theatres, galleries, antique shops or on the train out of the city.

Why Prague
I’ve been living in the vicinity of Prague since I was born. Today, living and studying directly in the city, I especially enjoy its liveliness and diversity. Every quarter has a completely different vibe, some make you feel like you are in Paris during the spring, some are filled with grungy underground music clubs and dim lights. There is always something new to explore, parks, cafés, antique stores, outdoor cinemas. The city never fails to surprise me.

Where else can you find me online?

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