Pražská Tržnice Prague

Image by Eliška Pelková

Pražská Tržnice – The new local hotspot

I have a soft spot for places where history and the buzzing life of today meet and come together in a unique cocktail of colors and stories. Once entered, they feel like a small universe hidden in the countless streets of the city, like a dragon’s treasure. Ever been to Neustadt, Dresden, Camden Town, London, Kreuzberg, Berlin or Metelkova Mesto, Ljubljana? That kind of places. One of my favorite spots in the city is transforming into such a place and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

Two summers ago, young life planted its seeds in the old industrial complex of Prague Market and this summer the flowers started to bloom.
I remember going drawing to one of the old market halls during the art lessons in high school about five years ago. Back then, it was quite an abandoned complex with a few bankrupt businesses and a bunch of sheds made of scraps of wood and plastic that would flutter in the wind. Last year, the students of the theatre academy opened a hip bar in the complex and this summer the place just popped up. There has been outdoor bars, food trucks, live music, performances. The sheds have been taken down and statues and installations of the contemporary artists have been put up instead.

Go in the morning, explore the market, get some produce and stop by Tràng An for the best phở in town or go in the nighttime to experience the hip night life.

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Bubenské nábřeží 306, Prague

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24 hours daily


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