Vltava River in Podolí Prague

Image by jAnina Michlová

Vltava River in Podolí – Feeding wild animals

With the mysterious castle Vyšehrad just a few steps away, this is the place where you can relax any time of the year… and feel the wilderness basically in the centre of the city. This is the place where Vltava River is wide and full of islands. You can relax by the river, you can have a stroll or ride your bike or you can borrow one, you can even park your boat here, if you have one! Or you can feed nutrias (called also coypu) if you have a thing for big rodents.

This place in Podolí by the river is specifically known to locals as the place where nutrias learned to come and make friends with people. Nutrias live normally for quite some time in Prague in Vltava river, and you can see them at many places but this one is specific. They live on a small island not far away from the Podolí banks with a lot of traffic – you can hear trams and cars just behind you feeding the animals!

Nutrias learned very quickly that this is the right place to come for some treats – people come here for a bit of a relax regularly, and soon everybody got used to bringing apples, carrots and other fruits and vegetables to the shy nutrias. Bring them an apple too and they will show you their bright orange teeth as a reward!

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Podolské nábřeží, Prague

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24 hours daily


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