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Matcha Coffee & Eatery – When you feel healthy

The trend for healthy food containing sprouts, beans, kale, avocado on toast, and seeds of all kinds, has not skipped Prishtina, especially in the last two years.

I do like the idea of eating healthy, leading a more virtuous life as it were. However, I find it a bit of a bore. I have tried a couple of places, and while my accomplices were conveying sounds of appreciation, I was left out in the cold.

My colleague’s declaration that we should have a healthy lunch was met by my best eye roll. Nevertheless, as I was outnumbered, and my options were “join”/”not join”, I opted for the former. Another handful of sprouts, kale and chia seeds will not get to me.

True to my words, sprouts, kale and chia did not get me, but a light and tasty Eggs Benedict did. Looking at the menu, Eggs Benedict read as the most non-healthy item I could choose. The place, though, delivered on their concept: they produced a healthy version of the dish, in the exact quantity to enjoy the taste without overdoing it. A lovely, light, lemony Hollandaise, lean smoked luncheon meat, and perfectly hard-poached egg! I know, but I can’t stand runny eggs. The girl who served us was wonderful too — she immediately understood my dislike for runny eggs and made sure the kitchen new. Service at its best. If you are still thinking if you should – check out that menu.

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Eggs Benedict: € 3.20

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