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Restaurant Anise – Banoffee pie every day

As I began to write this post, I realised that I love dessert more than I thought; this is my second article on the subject.

Yesterday, Lola and I decided to have lunch at an actual restaurant/bar/cafeteria – anywhere as long as it involved going outdoors. No more sitting at our desks eating while trying to type while also preventing any spills on the keyboard involving massive mishaps.

Never sure where to go, we decided on the general area we’d walk towards, always based on proximity to the office. And then I remembered: banoffee pie! And that is how we found ourselves at Anise.

A quick note: banoffee pie is an English dessert which combines bananas, cream and toffee, sometimes chocolate as well, sitting on a crumbled-biscuit-and-butter base. Pure delight, particularly on Friday the 13th, or generally whenever the spirits are low. It’s comfort food at its best, without being overpowering.

If you decide not to order a banoffee pie – despite the accompanying photo – and coffee at Anise, do check the menu. It is a lovely place that serves a good combination of sandwiches and salads. The ingredients are first class which is also apparent in the finished products. What I would choose? The egg salad with avocado.

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