Rruga B Street  Prishtina

Image by Linda Baleta

Rruga B Street – A feast of murals

“Rruga B”, which translates into English as “Street B”, is a fairly new addition to Prishtina’s urban landscape. It is a key artery in a newly developed area of Kosovo’s ever-expanding capital. This is primarily a residential area, with countless apartment buildings. Also, as soon as people started to live there, “Rruga B” became a hot destination for partygoers, coffee lovers, foodies, and fashionistas. They stroll up and down the long sidewalk along numerous cafes, trendy restaurants, cocktail clubs, dancing clubs, baklava places, and fast food stations. It also became an annual rallying point for mural artists from all over the world.

Just opposite the long line of apartment buildings, shops, and restaurants, a fantastical world is unveiled in bright colors. Just like ancient drawings of humankind’s stories on cave walls, the lengthy mural composed of hundreds of mini-murals displays a history of the past, present, and a utopian-like future. No two mini-murals are done in the same style. Each line, color, and shape radiates the inner worlds of the hundreds of artists who traveled to Kosovo – or live in Kosovo – and gathered to give the city, its residents, and visitors the most beautiful of gifts: art for everyone to enjoy. The mural infuses the area with outlandish charm, some hundreds of Instagrammable wall sections, in a city that is being taken over by art on its walls.

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Rruga B, Prishtina

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24 hours daily


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