Urban Gastrolounge Prishtina

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Urban Gastrolounge – Hello Mr. Collins

That is, Tom. Tom Collins. For all of you who are of a certain age, you know I am referring to the delicious concoction as invented by Jerry Thomas, as far back as 1876. Although a fairly easy mix of gin, lemon juice, sugar and sparkling water (or soda), one needs “to feel” the mix; it is not just a matter of “the right measures”.

A recent foray to Urban revealed a place with a similar visual concept to another popular place, with a very similar bar food offering. However, its advantage over most other places rests on its excellent cocktails, and a more discerning clientele who is there to enjoy the evening rather than “see and be seen”.

Urban’s head barman has a knack for churning out the perfect Tom Collins, the right level of acidity mixed with sparkle and sweetness. If you crave something a bit more substantial, say potatoes, tomatoes and celery with a nice kick, then Bloody Mary is your stop. Feeling a bit flirty? Then an Aperol spritzer will do the trick.

Urban Gastrolounge is quickly becoming popular; the difference between my first and second visit, a week apart, was evident. The place also has a formal restaurant, however that will be a story for another time.


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Rruga Justiniani, Prishtina

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07:00 - 00:00 daily


Per cocktail: € 5

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