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Alexandra Turney (1991)

About me
I grew up in London, studied English Literature at Oxford, and now live in Rome. I’m an English teacher and a freelance writer, writing everything from articles about Rome’s history and culture to SEO content about academia and adhesives.

I’m also an author. My debut novel, “In Exile”, was published by Unbound in 2019. Dionysus is reborn in modern Rome and creates a new cult formed of vulnerable teenage followers. The book was inspired by specific places in Rome – Villa dei Quintili on the Appian Way, the Aventine Hill, the Tiber Island – and it’s deeply personal. A love letter to Rome…

Why Rome
I spent a few weeks in Rome when I was at university, doing work experience at Keats-Shelley House. It wasn’t my first time in Rome, but it was my first time visiting on my own as an adult, and I fell completely in love. I knew I had to at least try living in Rome for a bit, to see if the reality lived up to my dream of sunshine, umbrella pines, amazing food and coffee, beauty and ruins everywhere…

I’ve lived in Rome since 2013. The dream has been replaced by reality, and I no longer see the city through rose-tinted glasses, but I love knowing the “real Rome”. There are problems, yes, but Rome’s staggering beauty and history makes it all worthwhile. I love the fact that it’s not a normal, functional city. Every day is an adventure, and I feel like I’m always discovering something new (or old!)

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