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Daniela D’Avanzo (1984)

About me
I’m originally from a city in the south of Italy, Avellino. I lived there till I was 18 when I moved to Milan to study. I’ve lived in some other cities around Europe and finally I arrived in Rome, in 2010.

I am a communication designer with a passion for cities. I got interested in them first as a citizen and then as a traveler, so when I had the chance I started to study them. I love to travel, discover and get lost in all the places I go, take photos and share my passion with others.

I am a strongly convinced vegetarian with a passion for good cooking, eating and drinking. I love music, both listening and dancing. I love art and theater. I like to meet people, to get in touch with them, with their stories and their culture.

Why Rome?
Rome is the city where I wanted to live. It’s huge but there is a human dimension that you can hardly find in other cities. And you can feel it.

Moreover it’s the eternal city. You are surrounded by art, culture and beauty. You can always experience and discover something different, both new and ancient.

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