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Max Giudice

About me
Hey I’m Max, born and raised in Rome. After many years spent abroad, I’ve been back in my hometown a couple of years now and eager to share its beauty with people passionate about it.

Currently, I’m working as a tour guide. I usually take people to visit the gorgeous panoramas and monuments of Rome. I also do food tours, letting people try the greatest food we have here.

I’m passionate about music, travelling (of course) and history. Another of my passions are languages – indeed, that is my red thread throughout my travels, keen to learn and, as far as I can, master the languages of the countries I lived in for a while.

Why Rome?
Rome has many facets and layers – I’ve just now started discovering the most unknown ones and that makes me excited about living here. I’ve been looking into the history of the city for a couple of years, I’ve since started looking at it with totally different eyes. It’s so far from the place I knew.

Knowing how to interact properly with people also makes me eager to look for
stories about my city, listening to all the people I meet, exchanging information and letting them tell me about their realities, their past, their lives.

That is the reason I always get motivated to learn more about the place I’m living in.

Certainly, food also has its importance. For me, learning about new places, recipes and traditions has its own place in the study of a place, along with its history and the actors that make the difference.

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