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Rudy Di Giacomo (1983)

About me
I’ve studied marketing and had dozens of jobs, but I’m still looking for the best route to happiness. During the summer, I manage three B&Bs in Marina di Camerota, Cilento, a gorgeous but not so well-known area. I’m also trying to work online as a content manager but it’s not so easy. I’m a smiley guy, I love to meet new people and discover new cultures.

Why Rome
I love my city because it’s chaotic and beautiful. I love my city because even if you were born here it may surprise you just by looking around with curious eyes; because it’s a mix of international cultures; because it’s the first city of modern civilization; because you can feel the breeze of the Mediterranean; because it’s dirty and it stinks; because it’s ironic; because every neighborhood is a little town to discover; because it’s my point, my balance, the center of my Italy…

Where can you find me online?

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