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Image by Rudy Di Giacomo

Trapizzino – Eating new ideas

In Italy, particularly in the south, we have this -maybe for somebody but not for me- impolite practice: when a sauce is gently cooking on the stove, we can’t reject the impulse to take a piece of bread and dip into it and, consequently, almost always have our hands slapped by the chef. The Trapizzino idea was born from this ancient practice.

Stefano Callegari had a brilliant intuition and in 2008 he proposed it to his customers. The success was immediate and now his idea is gaining fans all over the world. The first time I went to the first spot where Trapizzino was born, I was amazed; there was a long line going outside waiting quietly. When my turn came, I discovered the peculiarity of this product: a pizza bread cut into triangle shapes filled with different flavors to choose from.

The shop is a smoky little place with few tables because of the open-style kitchen, although they have opened a new room now to make it more comfortable for their customers. The quality is excellent and the choice of flavors by the owners is superb. My favorites are pollo alla cacciatora, broccoli and sausage and meatballs with tomato sauce, but there are more than twenty served, depending on the season.

A wonderful spot to be enjoyed. Don’t miss it!

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Via Giovanni Branca 88, Rome

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Tue - Sun 12:00 - 01:00


Trapizzino: € 3.50


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