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About me
Carpe Diem and getting all I can out of this lifetime is my goal. Travel, see, experience, listen, taste and drink it all! My suitcase is always packed ready to go, my agenda flexible for adventures and my favourite answer to most “shall we” questions is “why not”? My great loves include travel, food, wine, gin, nature, boxing, fitness, shoes, music theatre, cooking, baking, museums, books, coffee and friends and family. I am an independent senior legal professional but don’t hold that against me, lawyers are people too! I don’t like getting bored which is why Rotterdam is the perfect city for me.

Why Rotterdam
Rotterdam is in my blood, literally! My Dutch roots are from this fascinating city and I have fond childhood memories visiting and exploring all it has to offer. Rotterdam is authentic, beautiful, multicultural, vibrant, raw, artsy, innovative and, since 2017, my home. The no-nonsense mindset, the easy smiles and down to earth attitude makes the Rotterdammer my kind of people. The magnificent architecture, street art, cocktail, foodie culture and that skyline! What is not to love?

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