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Stefanie Boltz (1983)

About me
I grew up in Vacaville, 45 miles east of San Francisco, and moved back to San Francisco 3 years ago after spending 8 years in Washington, DC.

While I was on the East Coast, the Bay Area was never far from my heart or email exchanges. People would constantly ask me, “What unique things should I do when I visit San Francisco?” I would write back pages and pages of suggestions.

Why San Francisco?
San Francisco combines the trappings of urban life: food, art, and music with true natural beauty. I love living in place where neighborhoods have a distinct personality. When you wander the streets of San Francisco, you will soon discover that every neighborhood is a self-contained village.

They say California is the one state that has everything: big cities, small towns, mountains, and oceans. Well, San Francisco is a snapshot of California contained in 7 square miles. You can hike mountains, go to the beach, and eat at a hole-in-the wall pub or a world- famous bistro, all in the same day.

Where can you find me online?
Stefanie Boltz, Hello Giggles

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